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What makes Free Air better?

Based in the United States, Free Air was founded by some of the greatest minds in science, technology, and medicine. Through global collaboration and cutting edge technology, Free Air developed the worlds top high efficiency personal air purifying system. The FreeAir II eliminates 99.99999% of all airborne contaminants providing protection against both fine and ultrafine particles, including airborne viruses, bacteria, and spores.  Our ultrafine filtration provides the cleanest and safest air you can breath!

The most harmful things in the air are not those that you can see but its those that you can’t see. Ultrafine particles that are found in pollution and the air we breath everyday cannot be stopped by the N95 Mask. Additionally, those N95 Masks hardly ever fit properly and they allow for significant leakage around the sides of the mask.  So, even when you think the N95 Mask is stopping 95% its really much lower when you account for the air that slips in the sides of the mask. As reported by the Centers for Disease Control, when you account for the efficiency losses in the N95 and N99 style masks (due to fit problems, leakage and filter limitations) the efficiency ratings can actually become as low as 67%. That is 32% less than the FreeAir II and shows you why laboratory testing has shown the FreeAir II to be 1000 times more efficient than other masks currently on the market.  With the FreeAir II you get a true 99.99999%.  

  • Our zero leakage technology does not allow outside polluted air to leak in, around, or through the mask.
  • Provides a clean, cool, refreshing airflow.
  • Reduces the work of breathing, especially in areas of high pollution.
  • Filters out both fine and ultrafine airborne particles.
  • Filters out airborne viruses, bacteria, and spores.
  • Easy to use! Users of the FreeAir II wear it in all situations.  Whether you are going for a walk in the park or out for a run the FreeAir II will deliver you the cleanest air imaginable.

  • FreeAir II 99.99999%
  • N95 Mask *number includes leakage & fit factors 67%
  • Surgical Mask 58%

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Does the FreeAir II filter out airborne viruses and bacteria?

Yes, the FreeAir II will filter out airborne viruses, bacteria, mold spores, pollen spores, pathogens, and other dangerous particulate matter.  

Isn't my N95/N99 mask good enough?

No, while 95% is a great rating for most products, it’s not a great rating for filters. Here are four reasons why.

  1. As reported by the Centers for Disease Control, when you account for the efficiency losses in the N95 and N99 style masks (due to fit problem, leakage and filter limitations) the efficiency ratings can actually become as low as 67%.  This is far less than 95% they promise and not even close to the 99.99999% that the FreeAir II provides.
  2. Performance claims of current pollution/particulate masks (such as the N95, N99, etc.) that indicate they protect users against 95% to 99% of airborne particles are not completely true. These ratings typically only apply to the filter material itself and not to actual filtration levels when the mask is being worn and used.
  3. These style masks are difficult to fit properly to the face, the very act of breathing creates spacing that draws dirty air into the looser fitting sides of the mask, and then into the nose and mouth of the user.
  4. Masks such as the N95 and N99 cannot filter out ultrafine particles (e.g. airborne viruses, bacteria, etc.). These smaller size particles are the very kind thought to pose the greatest health threat to humans.
Is The FreeAir II better than other pollution masks?

Comparing the FreeAir II to other masks on the market is simply an unfair comparison. The FreeAir II uses cutting edge technology not previously available to consumers. In terms of filtration, other masks (and even powered respirators) cannot come close to our 99.99999% rating.

Laboratory testing proves the FreeAir II is 1000 times more effective than other masks on the market today!

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